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Design (name) – The term design derives originally from Designare, latin word, wich means project/drawing. Technical and creative activity, guided by an intention, objective or a solution for a problem.

Integrating the team Gioconda design de interiores since 2005, Gonçalo Barbosa has always shown taste, ability and irreverence the way he approached and conquerered the public and their needs.


Why not combine the experience and teachings of his parents, company`s fouders, with the academic skills that he assimilated throughout his formation, transforming ordinary pieces, reinventing and giving them a new life?

Gonçalo Barbosa allied the tradicional and quality strand inherent to Gioconda design de interiores, to a younger vision, irreverent and meeting new trends and requirements of a market in constant evolution. Thus, keeping true to the uniqueness, quality and nobility of the materials that he chooses to the conception/design of his projects, the pieces projected and conceived by this young designer results in outstanding and creative works.


The Author pieces Gonçalo Barbosa – designed for you, numbered and signed ensure the certainty of exclusivity and the conjugation of comfort with function and aesthetics that your good taste deserves, being pieces of undeniable value.


On the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Gioconda design de interiores, formalizes the brand Gonçalo Barbosa – design for you, in tribute to his father, friend and mentor Armando Barbosa.

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