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Artist of Porto is part of several private collections

Armando Aguiar is an artist of Porto, Portugal, who was born in 1964.

After having gone through the school of Artes Decorativas Soares dos Reis, in Porto, his interest in art began in the early 80s, and the painting of his brother Moreira Aguiar was a source of inspiration.

Meanwhile at constant need of evolution in human form, had technical training with the sculptor Daniel Gamelas.

In September 2012, traveled to Madrid to take lessons of natural portrait, with the artist Arantzazo, Martinez, painting on academics traditional methods.

Armando Aguiar has 34 solo exhibitions, two first paint awards by Academia de Marinha, and four honorable mentions. In 2000 the artist was "Guest of Honour" at the 14th encounter with art in Moreira da Maia.

His work is part of several private collections in the country and abroad.

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