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Is in 1972 that Gioconda design de interiores was founded, in one of the most emblematic areas of the city of Oporto, in front of the Botanical Garden (“Casa Andresen”), with the purpose of making the difference in the field of decoration.


Is still in the decade of 70’s that its founders, Maria Augusta e Armando Barbosa, decided to launch an advertising campaign in theaters to make themselves known to the rest of the country. Indeed, this strong campaign implemented at the time, served as a launching pad for Gioconda design de interiores to reach the entire national market.


In this follow-up, to respond to the growing demand, especially regarding to luxury goods, the opening doors to international markets was the next step, from where we import decorative items and fabrics of reputable brands.

These commercial relationships, that we still maintain, have been strengthened and expanded over the years, in an attempt to keep up trends, tastes and generations.

With the conquest of the portuguese market, the next obvious step was the internationalization of the brand.

Is in the mid-90’s that we began to export furniture and Portuguese glazed tiles for the United States of America, Spain, France.


Despite being a small and familiar company, along our path we had and we still have the honour of serving illustrious personalities of national and international panorama, to which we guarantee the maximum privacy and discretion.

Is already in the 21st century, celebrating four decades of existence, that we reached the asiatic and middle-eastern markets.

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